Coaching Modules


Module 1

Run, Walk, Fly (Isaiah 40)

Choosing Joy and Forgiveness over Loss, Grief, Pain and Disappointments; Circumstances Have Purpose, Words have Power; Beauty for Ashes; 

Bless You, Break You, Serve You-Matthew 14:19; Mark 6:41; Luke 9:16

Module 2

After & Before Makeover (Psalm 139:13)
Our Identity. Before You Were, You Were
Who are you? Who do you want to be?; 

Begin with End in Mind - Planning (Proverbs 16:9); Master Plan Your Life

Time & Management

Module 3

Being In Style On Purpose (Psalm 45)
5 P's to Purpose 

Objective: Fashion; Inside-Out Beauty (Psalm 45); Beauty in Spirit and Outward Adorning Helps Too! Image Consulting; Shop WW-Store Virtual Makeover Gallery

Module 4

Doing It With No Money and Without Price (Isaiah 55)

Live a Global Life! Living Life Abroad; Entrepreneurship -- 

Know Where to Cast Your Nets; When you need help; 

Priorities-Do What you Have to, to do what youWant to (Luke 5)

Dress Up, Make Up!

Big Style, Skinny Budget

Quarterly Day Retreat - vendors, music, dancers, runway, catwalk, line dancers, give-aways ("favorite things")

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Coaching Modules 1-4

Package 1: $177

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All of Package 1

Quarterly Dress-Up/Make-Up Package

Josephine Book & Workshop

Package 2: $327

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All of Package 2

Island Retreat w/ 4 day workshops

Shopping Tours

Package 3: $997